Innovation hub

Established to support emerging next Generation ICT businesses.

Training facility

Skills development initiatives to the identified skills deficiencies and industry needs.

Customer contact center

Remote help desk, voice of customer solution, surveys and real time customer feed back.


The Mawazo Innovation hub was established to support emerging next Generation ICT businesses..

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We focus the skills development initiatives to the identified skills deficiencies and industry needs.

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Digital innovations and solutions should be centered on addressing customer needs.our digital innovation approach...

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What we do

Innovation hub

Innucabation program Diasopra Crowd funding platform, 50 /50 nft incubation .

Accelerator program

Colaborate with NFT Mawazo on your project .

Co working space

Rent an office / board room for a day a week or a month

Training Facility

ICDL acreddited center, Rental training/ meeting space.

Software/ Web Apps

Website design, software applications and Mobile Apps

Website Hosting

Affordable Website Hosting and Domain registration .

Customer contact center

Call center with flexible pricing options

Remote help desk services

27/7 customer support and help desk services.

Voice of customer solution

surveys , real time feed back Integration into ATMs, SMS , Mobile, apps social media.

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  • Diaspora Crowd funding platform 50 /50 NFT Incubation .
  • Collaborate with NFT on your project.
  • Rent an office/board room for a day, a week, or month
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Certified Computer Skills. ICDL
  • ICDL is the world's leading computer skills certification.
  • Over 15 million people engaged with the ICDL programme.
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What more we offer

Web hosting packages provide quality web hosting with unlimited resources.

All of our web hosting plans are carefully tailored. On top of the standard features like free domain names, 24/7 technical support, 99.9% uptime, etc., we add our own custom-made solutions to make your website faster, safer, and better supported than anywhere else.

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Website Builder packages provide quality web hosting with unlimited resources.

With ArkaHost’s website builder, it’s easy to create a sleek and professional website for your business. Choose from 40 fully customizable, mobile-friendly templates, and then drag and drop your content wherever you please.

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Have Questions?

What is the Mawazo Innovation Hub about?

The Mawazo Innovation Hub is a division of NFT Consult that was established to support emerging Next Generation ICT businesses through accelerated technology commercialization.
The Mawazo Innovation Hub has created a unique space for high tech entrepreneurs, academics, researchers and venture capitalists to meet, network and collectively work towards growing the Ugandan economy through innovation.

What goal is Mawazo Innovation Hub trying to achieve?

There are 3 main goals:
To provide a world class incubator and business accelerator program for innovators
To provide the training and skills development program that addresses the employment and technology gaps that are endemic in developing economies
To provide customer contact center solutions that address dynamic business needs and growth.

What benefits will emerge from Mawazo Innovation Hub?

Increased competitiveness for Uganda’s innovators.
Solutions to local problems, like low cost irrigation systems (The Third Season)
An accessible quality training facility

Any specific area of focus when recruiting teams/individuals?

Not specifically but women, technology, finance, research and innovators are particularly welcome.